Famous for breakfast

From simple yet tasty free range eggs on toast, to slightly crazy bubble and squeek for breakfast we have always been famous for our early morning dishes

Our menu changes every few weeks, you wont be dissapointed

Sunday Roast cafe lunch
free range eggs for the breakfast

Sunday roast

Throughput the cooler months our busiest time of the week can be Sunday lunch.  A traditional roast with all the trimming. It always seems to remind you of your grandmother. Due to staff shortages post COVID the roast may not be available every Sunday

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Lunch, or a little something freshly made from the cabinet

Breakfast leads into an inventive and delicious lunch menu. Ingredients are seasonal and locally sourced where possible. Enjoy a glass of wine or that cold beer on a hot afternoon or on your way back from the beach..... at least three fresh salads in the cabinet every day and sandwiches, pastries and pies to die for