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Catering Menu tailored to Your Event

We have offered catering solutions and individual catering menus since 2011, delivering happiness to 100's of customers. We find that an individually designed menu  works best, and if you know us you know we will listen and work around your tastebuds!

Call us on 08 9284 2100 or contact us via this page, better still pop in and say hello and have a chat.

Catering is our thing, food is our passion! Open the standard menu below, that's where we start!

catering for all occasions

Individual Catering Menu

We have always enjoyed the personal touch, and we believe that every catering order will have different tastes. With enough notice, we are your flexible friend, even have a chef at your home if you like, or wait staff to pamper your friends and family with a catering menu to suit!

We offer catering throughout Perth

Simple Catering Menu
or Something Different

It really is up to you!

All we ask for is enough notice to prepare your catering, and the choices are pretty endless but download our menu below to begin with!

catering is our speciality
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